Bible Studies For Life: Kids


Peoples Baptist Church is proud to offer the Lifeway Kids curriculum and Bible Studies For Life, giving your child amazing Biblically sound, Gospel focused teaching with incredible application, activities and more. Lifeway Kids is a powerful Sunday School curriculum that makes our job of teaching Sunday School a breeze, giving us more time to spend with each child, seeing them grow in the knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Each of our lessons is made up of story time where the lesson is explained through interactive pictures, bible training time and bible verse memorization. Then the kids are given multiple activities such as coloring pages, puzzles, mazes. Through the class we make sure there is adequate time for prayer. Mom and dad can partake in the study during the week, making our approach with Lifeway Kids something stellar here at Peoples Baptist. 



We are so glad that your child has joined us on Wednesday nights! We have a great program for your child to be apart of and get involved in. Our program incorporates a number of different prizes and rewards that you child can work towards. We hope to help your child grow closer to God and to gain an understanding of what the bible has to say. We are looking forward to meeting your child! Here is an over view of all things we do.
The lessons that your child will take part in provide a good cross-section that will involve both Old and New Testament lessons along with a variety of topical, Bible book studies, lessons on character, plus much more. We use a number of different ways to engage so they get excited about what they are learning. We use multi-media, puppets, and skits, just to name a few. All of the lessons are designed to build character in the lives of your children. The following will provide you with a little more in-depth information of what we do during the course of our Olympian year.


Christian Service Projects:

Multiple times during the year, as a group we complete a number of different christen service projects. These projects are a way for us to be servants to others in a way that Jesus was a servant to others. It is a way for us to show God’s love to others through different ways. The projects that we do will vary but will all be completed on Wednesday nights.


Memory Verses:

Throughout the year we will be working on memorizing verse from the bible. Not only will memorizing verses help your child earn medals and olympian bucks, but more impotently your child will be taking parts of God’s Word to heart. Memorizing verses is a way for us to learn and grow closer to God. This will be an important aspect of our program.



In order for you child to work towards earning the different medals, they will need to complete the membership. To earn membership tasks include: 3 nights of club attendance, recite the club moto, recite the pledges to the American, Christian, Bible and Church flags, and recite to chorus to the club song. Once your child earns membership they will receive a reward and begin working towards earning medals.



After your child completes their membership they can start earning their way to a Silver, Bronze or Gold medal. To achieve each medal there are a specific number of memory verse depending on your child’s grade level, they need to be be faithful in attendance, faithful in doing daily quiet times, and do a certain number of Christian Services depending on your child’s grade level. The medal tracking is cumulative, meaning that in order for your child to being earning the bronze medal they need to complete the Silver medal goals. The same goes for the Gold medal, the silver AND bronze medal goals need to be completed. The medals are award at the end of the year during our Awards Sunday Service. Only the completed medal goals will be awarded.


Quiet Time:

This is a way for your child to be in the Word of God daily. The Quiet Time books are filled with fun activities that your child can do each day, all the while reading and understand what the bible says. What is great about our quiet times is that ALL Word Of Life programs follow the same passages. So, our Olympian group is studying the same bible passages as the teen group and any adult who is also following the Quiet Time. The quiet time book your child does is also geared towards their grade level. This will be an important aspect of our program. If you as a parent are interested in getting your own daily quiet time to do with your child, there is an online/app version and a book version.


Olympian Store:

Throughout the year you child earns Olympian Bucks by doing various things (bringing your bible, saying a memory verse, completed days of Quiet time, bringing a friend, and attending each week). Twice a year we hold Olympian stores where you child can take the Bucks they’ve earned and “buy” prizes! It is a great way for you child to be reward for the hard work they do during the year.